Shopping Curator Service Agreement

This Shopping Curator Service Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and QuuBe and applies to your use of the Shopping Curator Membership Services for the mutual benefits to both parties. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement relating to the Shopping Curator Membership service (“Service”). All other general terms and conditions not described in this specific Agreement will be subject to the QuuBe User Agreement. Take note that this Agreement does not grant or convey to you any title, interest, right to use, or otherwise any right, to trademarks, logos, copyright or other intellectual property owned by QuuBe.

  1. (1) Registration as Shopping Curator Member
    You, as a ‘Shopping Curator Member’ hereby irrevocably agree and indicate your intention to register for a Membership and use the provided Service. However, QuuBe reserves the right to refuse/restrict, without any prior notice, any Shopping Curator Members found to be causing any harm to other Shopping Curator Members and/or users with inappropriate practices.
  2. (2) Service Scope
    QuuBe shall endeavour to expose and activate any comments/posts written by Shopping Curator Members. QuuBe shall endeavour to use contents written by Shopping Curator Members for its Promotion/Marketing purposes. You agree there may be technical difficulties from time to time when using the Service due to unforeseen circumstances. In extreme cases, the Service could be ceased. QuuBe is not responsible for any damages or loss caused in those circumstances. QuuBe takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any comments/posts written by Shopping Curator Members.
  3. (3) Duty of Shopping Curator
    All comments/posts written by Shopping Curator which are considered to be in violation of the law or morality will be removed without any prior notice. All the damage caused by inappropriate use of Service will be Shopping Curator Member’s responsibility. QuuBe is not responsible for all damage or loss relating to this inappropriate use of Shopping Curator program.
  4. (4) Copyright
    All Copyright and Intellectual Property rights related to the Service are reserved by QuuBe. Shopping Curator Member are given the right to use the Services provided by QuuBe only. QuuBe reserves the right to make use of the comments/posts written by Shopping Curator Member for its marketing purposes on its own channels or on its external channels without prior notice to the Shopping Curator Member.

Share Affiliate Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions of Q-affiliate membership service agreement (“Agreement”) govern the usage of the Q-affiliate membership service. All other general terms and conditions not described in this specific Agreement will be subject to the QuuBe User Agreement. You must read and accept all of the terms in this Agreement. This Agreement will apply whenever you use any QuuBe services. We define ‘member’ in this agreement as a member to both the Q-affiliate membership and also to general QuuBe membership.
  1. (1) Participation in membership
    Your acceptance of the Q-affiliate membership agreement grants you the right to a membership to the Service. Any member found to be using the Service in violation of Agreement and/or the QuuBe User Agreement may have their membership suspended and/or terminated.
  2. (2) Share Tools
    QuuBe provides you with easy and various tools such as email, blog and social networking services. However, any of these services and tools provided can be abruptly suspended due to technical difficulties or any other reasons. You agree that QuuBe will not be liable for any loss of money, reputation, or any indirect damages that arise from a suspension of services.
  3. (3) Member Responsibility
    QuuBe reserves the right to confiscate, suspend or deny any referral fee payment to you if QuuBe has reason to suspect that you are responsible for suspicious activity resulting in increased order cancellation, unusually high returns, spam, release of or stolen personal information or hacking. QuuBe will not be liable to any loss resulting from a member’s illegal activity.
  4. (4) Payment of Referral Fee
    For the avoidance of all doubt, QuuBe is strictly only the administrator of the Q-affiliate membership service and administers the payment of the referral fee on behalf of sellers who have signed up for the Q-affiliate membership service. For items that have completed shipment without cancellation or return, the referral fee will be paid after 15 days from the date the shipment has been completed. Seller issues (i.e. delayed shipment deliveries, low seller confidence, low Q-affiliate member confidence etc.) may result in the denial or suspension of referral payment to the member. If the referrer and the referee are identified as the same member or person, referral fee payment will be also denied. Furthermore, affiliate rewards will strictly not apply if the referrer has referred items with his/her affiliate links by bidding for QuuBe-related keywords on any of the search engine services. The time of referral payment and the frequency of payment may vary without notice any time.

    Date Posted: January 23, 2019