The Ubiquitous Blockchain Economy Quube

QuuBe is an e-marketplace built on the latest blockchain technology by Qoo10.
It uses Q*coins that enables smart contracts for every transactions between Buyers and Sellers. Users get to enjoy secured shopping at the most competitive prices from products across the world.

The value of Q*coins will be revised every quarter to ensure appreciation
in its value.

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QuuBe App

  • Low transaction fees
  • Flexible delivery option
  • Private & public buyer-seller communication support
  • Multi language support
  • Qlounge Roulette / Participate to win free Q*coin
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Selling on QuuBe

  • No transaction fee / No listing fee
  • Secured transactions and Guaranteed payout
  • Access both local and oversea markets, enjoy cross-border potential for your business
  • Drive your own sales and promotions with QuuBe’s various marketing channels
Registration Fee & Year Platform Service Fee

Q*coin Sales

Hurry to buy Q*coin!
Q*coin purchase price will increase quarterly.


All Q*coin transactions are recorded to Ethereum blockchain safely and transparently. Refer to the page below.

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  • How to purchase Q*coin?

    Q*coin can be bought on Qoo10 sites or QuuBe simply by using your credit card, Paypal, Qmoney and more!
    One coin fits all, get your Q*coin today.

  • What can I do with Q*coin?

    You can use Q*coin to pay for your QuuBe purchases or use it at your favorite retail stores.