Yanzhi devoted herself to handmade soap career for many years for she has dermatitis and interest in soaps. At first, she just shared the soap with her friends and relatives. Receiving intense response from them, she was encouraged to put handmade soap to mass production. With her sincere wishes, she consists in making the best handmade soap for human body. All soaps contains high portion of olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter and without preservative, antimicrobial, pigment and perfume. We adopt herbs, French mineral mud and top grade oil when making soaps which receive trust and positive feedback from customers. The pain and problems of injection and pills intake because of dermatitis can be greatly alleviated. Finally, we sincerely invite you to use the product originating from our devotion and persistence. Let’s stay away from chemical products!
We sincerely wish you and your family in health and happy life.

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